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Standish (est. 1785)

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Located 16 miles from Portland at the southern tip of Sebago Lake, Standish is one of the geographically largest communities in Maine. Over the past decade Standish has been the fastest growing municipality in the region and is a rapidly emerging suburb of the Greater Portland area.

What is now the Town of Standish was originally surveyed and granted to Captain Pearson about 1750 for services rendered in the siege of Louisburg. Initially named Pearsontown, the town was renamed Standish upon incorporation on November 30, 1785 in honor of Miles Standish.

The town has four population centers; Steep Falls on the Saco River, Standish Village in the center of the town, Sebago Lake Village at the southern end of Sebago Lake, and the Whites Bridge area on the southeast shore, home to St. Joseph’s College. There are numerous sites in town that are on the national Historic Preservation Register.

Portland Water Districts’s Ozone Treatment Plant is located in Standish. The town provides the source water from Sebago Lake for Greater Portland communities.

More information on the town of Standish can be found at:

Square Miles – 64
Population – 9,828
Type of Government – Town Manager/Council
Electricity – Central Maine Power
2013 Tax Rate – $11.60/per Thousand
Water – Public Water
Natural Gas – No
Parks and Recreation – 207-642-2875
Town Hall – 207-642-3461
Town Manager – Gordon Billington
Address – 175 Northeast Road, Standish, ME 04084

Events in Standish:

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The Saco River in Standish