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Camp Timanous

Camp Timanous

Timanous is a nonprofit Maine summer camp for boys age 8 to 15, nestled among tall pine trees on the shores of Panther Pond. Our campers explore new things and gain independence. They learn from caring, supportive counselors and increase their self-esteem. They form positive friendships with peers and grow in kindness.

At Timanous, campers lead an active, outdoor lifestyle. On a typical day, they can choose from a variety of activities, from soccer and sailing to archery and woodshop, and go swimming in our clear waters in between. Bonding with peers in their cabin, everyone gains from interactions across all age groups in our cohesive community. Experiences on camping trips, playing games with old and new friends, and exciting events like capture the flag create the feeling of being worlds away from the pressures of everyday life.

All of this is designed to foster in our campers the holistic development of Body, Mind and Spirit, ideals that go back to our founding in 1917. Timanous has provided some of the most important and formative experiences of generations of boys, many of whom grew up to be counselors or parents of Timanous campers of their own.

We remain committed to the same ideals, taught with a positive approach to everything and a respect for everyone. ​We are a community where you can be yourself even while you are learning more about yourself.

85 Plains Rd
Raymond, ME 04071
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